Stephen Done
Co-MD, Systems Architect & Founder, EcuTek Technologies Ltd

Mr. Done has over 25 years experience in software development, IT systems and architecture. He spent several years at Cable & Wireless. As Senior Internet Design Engineer at C&W, he specified and wrote much of the code for their virtual ISP platform, scaled to host millions of web hosting and email users. He researched and developed algorithms for distributed and scalable content storage, as well as automating server builds for quick system scaling. In 2002 he founded EcuTek, having initially noticed a lack of tuning software for Subarus. Steve singlehandedly wrote EcuTek’s first five Tuning Suites. He also implemented EcuTek’s hardware based software security, SVN version control system, software build system, customer software update system, Kentico CMS web store, Zendesk customer ticketing, Jira agile project management systems and software usage analytics. Steve has a particular interest in automation and integration of systems, bringing consistency and efficiency to EcuTek’s products and processes. In December 2017, Steve sold his share of EcuTek to EPT and continues to work there, predominantly on infrastructure projects. He has a B.Eng in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London, where he won the Psion sponsored project prize in his final year. Steve enjoys running with his dog, cycling in the Alps, snowboarding in Whistler and barbecuing big pieces of steak in his garden for his friends.