Our Brands

Our brands focus on the automotive enthusiast and their passion for their vehicles

Vehicle Tuning

Our tuning business is defining the future of the performance aftermarket by creating a software based ecosystem that provides us access to targeted vehicles on-board computer systems enabling us to develop customized performance packages for the performance enthusiasts.  At the center of this ecosystem is the COBB Accessport

The Accessport taps into the vehicles on-board computer through the OBDII port and serves as a multifunction, push-pull data port that delivers proprietary calibrations to the vehicle,  displays key vehicle information, data logs how the vehicle is performing and monitors key vehicle systems.

The next part of our performance ecosystem involves a curated upgrade path that we have developed for our enthusiasts customers to follow.  This upgrade path or Stage Level  combines both proprietary hardware and upgraded software to ensure that the vehicle performs flawlessly at all stages of modification – from mild to wild.

A typical Staged process begins with our Accessport and then incorporates upgraded air flow products, then progresses to upgraded exhaust systems, then to thermal and fuel management solutions, and often ends with upgraded suspension and engine components.

Each stage is accompanied with a proprietary software upgrade that is delivered by the Accessport to ensure that the upgrade path is plug-n-play for the enthusiast.

As a company we are focused on utilizing the OBDII port on the vehicle to both extract and share information with the vehicle.

Instrumentation & Data Systems

Our Instrumentation and Data Systems business is a technology business that focuses on extracting and displaying key vehicle parameters in a user friendly and exciting manner.  This business includes eight different brands each positioned to serve targeted end user segments.

The flagship brand in our Instrumentation and Data Systems business is our Auto Meter brand, which is one of the best known brands in the performance aftermarket and has been used to win more races or monitor more muscle cars than all other brands combined.

Auto Meter is not only the leader in the performance vehicle instrumentation market, it also serves the specialty vehicle marketplace with original equipment instrumentation solutions for vehicles ranging from fire trucks to super cars, and F-16 fighter Jets to UTV’s.

Other leading brands in our Display and Data Systems business include

STACK – focusing on the European Market
Dedenbear – providing electrical control solutions for the Drag Race Market
Spek-Pro – focusing on the Oval Track Market
Autogage – providing a value priced line for the Street Market
Palmer – focusing on virtual instrumentation solutions for the Corvette and Late Model Muscle Car Market
EQUUS – the market leader in instrumentation sold through national retailers and the traditional automotive aftermarket
Innovate Motorsports – the market leader for instrumentation solutions for the rapidly growing Tuner Market

Our Display and Data Systems business delivers the broadest assortment of display solutions in the marketplace and enjoys leading market share and brand loyalty in all major end user segments.  Our products are equally at home in a muscle car that utilizes our best-in-class discrete sensor modules, or a late model hot rod where we utilize the OBD port to extract key performance data and then display this information in multiple formats ranging from traditional instruments to virtual dashboards.

Electrical System Testing

Our Electrical System Testing Sector is focused on providing highly engineered diagnostic solutions to the global service and retail marketplace.  Like our Tuning business, our Electrical System Testing business has developed a proprietary ecosystem centered around our AMPNet cloud based information management  system.

Our AMPNet system links our test equipment together utilizing a cloud based system to provide real time push-pull information exchange.  This system helps to eliminate technician data entry, automate warranty processes, track equipment status and location, and ensure that each testing protocol has been completed in the correct order

Our Electrical System Diagnostic Equipment delivers the most accurate,  fastest and most user friendly testing process in the market.  We deploy a patented dual load and conductance based testing protocol to address our customers need for precise diagnostics and the determination of the state of health of complete electrical systems for today’s complex vehicles.  We enjoy a leading position and technical advantage in electrical system testing and diagnostics in both the passenger car and heavy duty fleet markets.  Auto Meter is the only brand in the market to offer a comprehensive product line including testing/diagnostic equipment, battery charging and maintenance solutions, and a proven information management system.  Our technologies enable our customers to manage their cost by reducing warranty and labor cost, while increasing revenue by repairing the right systems the  first time.

Like our other businesses, our Electrical System Testing business also utilizes the OBD port to both extract vehicle information to drive the testing process and to adjust vehicle parameters when late model vehicles with smart alternators require a battery replacement.